The Thunder in Five

As an NBA fan, I will finally watch more than snippets of the playoffs as the Thunder and Heat start what should be an entertaining NBA Finals.  Assuming David Stern can keep his freaking ego and hands out of the proverbial cookie jar and his zebras can avoid gifting the Heat with a second dubious NBA championship, I’m picking the Kevin Durant and the Thunder to take out LeBron, Wade, and the overhyped Heat in 5 games.

I’ve always contended that the redundancy of LeBron and Wade, the weakness of their front court, and the lack of depth in their bench were the Achilles heels of the Miami Heat and that individual freak athleticism, while enough to ensure a great regular season, is not enough to beat an equally talented but more balanced team in a 7-game playoff series.  The Heat are about to be shown why titles are not awarded by ESPN hype or earned by pimpish braggadocio as the Thunder slam another of LeBron’s championship windows shut.